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Cyril Sansano's thoughts on Covid

This year has tested the world in unprecedented ways. The pandemic has forced us to look at our lives from a different perspective: this global event has allowed us to discern which parts of our lives actually matter, which ones we have been taking for granted, which parts we could change, and which ones we could do away with for good.

Positivity gained a different meaning this year. People think that positivity is just about looking at the bright side of life. This year has shown us that positivity could also be looking at the not-so-pleasant parts of it and deciding that when all is said and done, there’s still a lot to be thankful for; there’s still a lot of things in this life that are worth fighting for.


Lessons from 2020

This year has taught me a couple of things:

  • I have control over my health. While this pandemic has proved that we are all interconnected, how the little decisions that we make can affect the people around us in ways that we might not even imagine, it also made me realize how important it is for me to take full control of my health (at least the parts of it that I have control over). I can ensure that I eat mindfully, exercise, and meditate. I can’t control what other people do, but I can make sure that I make sound decisions to keep myself, my loved ones, and others healthy.
  • I don’t know everything, and that’s okay. One of the most common responses to fear is the desire to know every possible thing about what’s going on. That’s normal, and 100% understandable. However, the longer the pandemic went on, the more I realized that the more people got scared, the more they speculated. They freaked themselves out, and freaked everyone else out in the process! The thing is, there is a lot of things that we don’t know. I agree that we should keep ourselves informed, but at some point, we should also learn to calm down when we realize that there are no available answers to our questions. Sometimes, all we can do is to stay safe.
  • I appreciate my social media network. This year is marked by lockdowns and distance. We need to be apart to keep each other safe. However, being physically apart meant that we have to find other ways to keep each other company! I deeply appreciate the amazing network of entrepreneurs (whom I love very much) that I have on social media. We cheer each other up, keep each other informed, and inspire each other.
  • It’s okay to turn off the news sometimes. When online, it’s okay to just enjoy the virtual company of other people. As I have mentioned before, it’s important to keep yourself informed, but also know when it’s time to turn away from the news.
  • Be thankful for the opportunities, but be discerning. This year has allowed me to think about the things that I am truly passionate about. While there is an influx of opportunities (thankfully), this year, I have learned to focus on the ones that I love the most.
  • Life has a funny way of ‘pruning’ my acquaintances. The amazing people in your life, the ones worth keeping… they will stick around. As you focus on your personal development and growth, the ‘bad’ ones will naturally fade away.
  • This year, I realized how lucky I am. 2020 hit everyone hard, but in a lot of aspects, I am still lucky, and I am very grateful for that. My passion is in paying it forward: using my energy and my passion to uplift and help others as well.
  • I have learned to trust my instincts. I may not know what’s coming, but I trust that I will know what to do. If not, I know that there is someone that will help me know what to do. Everything will be okay.


In a State of Constant Learning

For me, personally, it tested my commitment to my own success. It tested my optimism, my drive to thrive, and how comfortable I am with the things that I have no control over.

One of the things that I learned this year is that I don’t know a lot of things, and that’s okay. I don’t have to be afraid of not knowing, because it means that there’s still a lot of things for me to learn. I still have room to grow.

This year has proven to us that nothing in life is certain. In a single day, everything that we thought about how the world works got turned upside down. Nothing is certain, but everything is surmountable. Human beings are surprisingly resilient. People will find light in the darkest of situations, and if you ask me, there’s something profoundly inspiring about that.

As for me, as long as I have coffee and chocolate, I know I’ll be fine.

What were the things that inspired you this year? Let us know in the comments!

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