Cyril Sansano

Senior SEO Strategist & Marketing Operator

SEO is part of a bigger picture and not just about the technicalities or great content. It requires implementing the “extra 10%” that no one else will do. It’s about thinking long term whilst honing a strategic, systematic, and scientific approach. It’s about properly identifying priorities and understanding the importance of deep focus.


About Cyril

Cyril Sansano has helped grow multiple marketing teams for small businesses, e.commerce stores, and various enterprises.

It was a decade ago that Cyril had his first taste of marketing by selling tickets through Facebook ads for his own workshop on confidence building.

From there, business owners started asking for his help with their own marketing efforts — in particular around Facebook. As a result, Cyril ended up hiring, training, and leading small marketing teams for various clients.

This led Cyril to partner up with a business called Big Brand Speaking that was selling a 3 Day Speaker Training Workshop and a 1 year Big Brand University Program – tailored to coaches and consultants.

Cyril’s main responsibility was to run the marketing department for the company and for a few selected clients. He also facilitated over 200 marketing workshops. Cyril then helped a fast-growing property group to move their marketing team in-house, developed successful marketing campaigns, and built a solid marketing foundation and automation.

From there, Cyril has developed an SEO department for a large and fast-growing digital currency enterprise along with some of their strategic partners – working in a super-fast-paced environment.

Most recently, Cyril scaled SEO and link building campaigns for US-based eCommerce stores and various high-traffic sites.

Developed winning SEO strategies that passed Google Core Updates

Conducted numerous keyword research and competitor+traffic+content+gap+trend analyses.

Developed in-depth SEO technical knowledge

Scaled large link building campaigns

His unique leadership style is one that his team values over anything else, which he believes will help create sustainable development for an organisation when it comes to growth and profitability.


Conduct keyword research and analyses on competition, traffic, content gap, and trends

Develop SEO strategies, KPIs, and SLAs

Scale large SEO link building projects

Create and foster the ideal work environment - offline and online - so team members are self-driven, responsible, inspired and highly productive

Ability to help team members to embrace and leverage technology

Lead as an innovative thinker and 'solution finder'

Breadth of experience across a wide range of brand industries including Health, Property, Business Consulting, and various E.commerce Stores

In-depth experience across a wide range of marketing and SEO strategies

Strong strategic thinking across the marketing mix channels and business departments

High level of experience in direct response marketing, inbound marketing and copywriting

Strong data-driven skills with the ability to extract and interpret relevant information

Strong financial and commercial acumen

Negotiation with third parties whilst building strong and long-lasting relationships

Planning and implementing ROI driven evaluations

Great understanding of copywriting, video content and the synergy of the two


Ahrefs, SEMrush, Screaming Frog 0
Google Analytics 0
Surfer SEO, Jarvis 0
Keap, Salesforce, HubSpot 0
CMS like WordPress and Shopify 0
Buzzsumo, Answerthepublic, Answersocrates 0
Adobe 0
Facebook Business Manager 0
LinkedIn Ads Manager & Sales Navigator 0
Youtube SEO 0
Google AdWords 0

Cyril’s Experience

Senior SEO – Head of SEO


Over the years, Cyril had the opportunity to…
• Develop winning SEO strategies that passed Google Core Updates
• Conduct numerous keyword research and competitor+traffic+content+gap+trend analyses.
• Accumulate in-depth SEO technical knowledge
• Scale large link building campaigns
• Manage over $3,000,000 in paid ads
• Develop result-focus, intricate and trackable marketing automation, retargeting, and email campaigns
• Contract, lead, train and learn from incredible marketing talents (worldwide)
• Help creatives to adopt, embrace, and leverage marketing tools and innovations
• Work with the content team on blog posts, videos, webinars, giveaways, and surveys
• Facilitate marketing workshops including topics like wordsmithing, copywriting, or data analysis

Marketing Director

Big Brand Speaking
Sep 2014 – Sep 2017 | 3 yrs 1 mo
Melbourne, Australia

Big Brand Speaking ran sales and marketing workshops around Australia, from Perth to Brisbane and Cairns to Melbourne.

Design, promote and run promotional events and workshops.

Develop and execute digital marketing strategies.

Provide marketing consultation.

Manage projects, clients and teams.

Facebook Ad Specialist

Marketing Agency Pro
Dec 2020 – Sep 2014 | 1yr 10mos

True Confidence started as a coaching company to help people build self-confidence and then gradually turned into a Facebook Ad agency that became Marketing Agency Pro a couple of years later.

Create and manage Facebook campaigns to sell event tickets.

Run workshops around mindset and communication.


The Sydney Confidence Club
Sep 2011 – Sep 2012 | 1yr 1mo

The Sydney Confidence Club was a monthly event where people could learn how to become more confident and more successful in the 7 areas of life.

Design and facilitate self-development workshops.

Sales Executive & Manager

ERA Real Estate
Sep 2008 – Sep 2010 | 2yrs 1mo

Create online marketing campaigns for each listing in order to profitably market the property.

Prepare legal documents for sales contracts.

Provide legal, economic and market advice to prospective property buyers.

Led the sales team to generate over $280,000 revenue per month, exceeding the target of $200,000.

Assistant Store Manager – Sales Team Leader

Nature et Découvertes
Sep 2005 – Sep 2008 | 3yrs 1mo

Supervise and motivate the sales team to promote the company’s loyalty program.

Manage stock and over $30,000 monthly orders.

Sales Executive

Sep 2003 – Sep 2005 | 2yrs 1mo
Côte d’Azur – South East France

Utilise events and marketing skills to coordinate the launch of a new product, ‘Vin au Verre,’ in southeast France.

Exceeded sales targets by 10% in the first year and by 25% in the second year.

Professional Stories
Before Australia

Cyril was born in Monaco and, before moving to Australia, worked in Paris – starting out in store management and then shifting his leadership skills into the real estate world.

Patisserie Sansano

My first job was in my family business, where the hardest part was to not eat all the chocolate cakes or lemon pies and sell them instead.

Cyril Sansano's family business
Cyril Sansano worked at Eurocave


After that, I wasn’t too far from the food industry selling wine cabinets at Eurocave, the world leader in the wine cabinet industry.


After that, I wasn’t too far from the food industry selling wine cabinets at Eurocave, the world leader in the wine cabinet industry.

Cyril Sansano worked at Eurocave

Nature & Découvertes

My first managerial role was with Nature & Découvertes, which had over 100 employees generating over $20 Million

I chose to work with them for their values and focus on building a sustainable business.


I then worked in real estate, starting as a sales executive until two of my team members asked the CEO to promote me to manager – leading me to run the #1 agency in the network back then.


I then worked in real estate, starting as a sales executive until two of my team members asked the CEO to promote me to manager – leading me to run the #1 agency in the network back then.

Move To Australia

After that, I moved to Australia and…

Designed, promoted and facilitated well over 200 workshops on confidence, leadership, marketing and branding.

Managed well over $2 million in ads - mostly Facebook ads but also YouTube and Google ads.

Specialised in SEO for various companies, working with writers, designers, content managers, web developers and many others.

Be the change you want to see in others

I believe in energy and how the more you work on your inner self the more it shows in your environment. The challenge is to understand what you cannot change, accept it and focus on the rest.


Bachelor of Management | IUT de Sceaux – Paris, France | 2006

Diploma in Marketing and Sales | IUT de Nice – Nice, France | 2005

Baccalaureate (HSC) |Albert 1st High School – Monaco, Monte – Carlo | 2003

Interest & Activities


Martial Arts



Cyril Loves Boardgames



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