Q&A About Cyril Sansano (Working Progress)

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Everything you need to know about Cyril Sansano

You might be wondering… “do people need a Q&A about Cyril?”

Who knows! We will be adding more and more information about our team and Cyril throughout the year. Let’s see how this page evolves.

Cyril in a Nutshell + -

Cyril Sansano is a self-claimed SEO Superstar, who started as a store manager, worked in real estate where he led the highest performing team in the agency, and moved to Australia to become a marketing maverick and found his lifelong passion in SEO.

What is Cyril's Specialty + -

SEO is Cyril’s favourite activity because the ADD in him loves working on multiple fronts but he always enjoys looking ad some Facebook ads to see what can be improved or a landing page to wordsmith…

What is Cyril's Favourite Quote + -

Be the change you want to see in others.

What is Cyril's Native Language + -

Cyril Sansano with beret

Cyril is born in Monaco and speaks French. He does, however, do a stand-up comedy in English making fun of his accent and language-related challenges.

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It is not easy to get a hold of Cyril Sansano but if you are creative in your approach, he will get back to you.

Karen Corban

Cyril is an absolute delight to work with. He is humorous, optimistic, collaborative, fast to execute, proactive in contributing new ideas to test and improve the ROI on ads campaigns. He has assisted us in creating (copy and design), and managing Facebook ads. I highly recommend Cyril for his creative skills, FB ads management and training skills.

Karen Corban testimonial for Cyril Sansano

Bruce Clayton

Cyril assisted with Smartsheet formulas and setup. Excellent job!

Bruce Clayton giving a testimonial

Fiona E Hill

Cyril's real genius is that he lets you create your own better self - instead of doing it for you. I communicate well but somehow my true value always stayed hidden - - even from me. In life-after-Cyril I CAN express my authentic and genuine value in ways that people enjoy, embrace, and reward me for. Gosh. This Cyril Sansano guy is really good . . . You should meet him.

Fiona E Hill's testimonial about Cyril Sansano

Lauren Jane

Cyril was a brilliant asset to the Women in Digital personal branding day. Very engaging, knowledgeable and practical. A great speaker I would recommend for your event or for training.

Lauren Jane testimonial for Cyril Sansano

Kara Wright

I spent 2 full days at Cyril's Facebook Mastery Workshop and loved every minute. In fact he needs a 3rd day which I would happily attend. To walk away knowing that I can set up, create and post Facebook Ads that will attract my target audience and convert is like a license to print money. Thank You Cyril

Kara Wright testimonial for Cyril Sansano

Jessica Tran

Cyril was one of the keynote speakers for a Women in Digital event revolved around improving ones personal brand. I loved hearing about his journey: he started out as a person terrified to speak to someone who does it for a living - what an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing Cyril continue to do some amazing things in the public speaking space!

Nick Smith

Cyril has been great. He has helped set up ads, funnels, landing pages and email sequences to get us $2-5 leads through a cash giveaway competition we ran for our property business. We have already got a great ROI for the investment. Cyril is efficient and gets sh!t done.

Connie Benjamin

"Cyril is incredible! He is incredibly generous and powerfully creative in the work he does. I am so grateful for his commitment to over deliver value!"